Bruce Andruskiewicz

Bruce Andruskiewicz

Master Instructor and Machine Shop Coordinator

Select Courses: Fundamentals of Machine Shop Operations

Adjunct Instructor Beat Arnet, Ph.D.

Beat Arnet, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor

Select Courses: Digital Power Conversion

Sadie Aznavoorian-Cheshire

Sadie Aznavoorian-Cheshire, Ph.D.

Biology Laboratory Specialist 

Patrick Barragán , Ph.D.

Faculty Lecturer

Select Courses: Feedback Controls

Ela Ben-Ur

Ela Ben-Ur

Assistant Adjunct Professor of Design

Select Courses: Engineering for Humanity, User Oriented Collaborative Design, You-Oriented Collaborative Design

Sarah Bloomer, M.A.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Design

Select Courses: User Oriented Collaborative Design, Products and Markets

Nathan Cantrell

Nathan Yoshitsura Cantrell

Instructor of Welding and Fabrication


Diane Covello, J.D.

Partner in Entrepreneurship

Tess Edmonds, Lecturer, Olin College of Engineering

Tess Edmonds, M.A.

Argosy Design Research Fellow and Lecturer

Select Courses: Engineering for Humanity, Sustainable Design

A smiling Gillian Epstein

Gillian Epstein, Ph.D.

Writing Initiatives Specialist

Select Courses: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Capstone, Arts, Humanities Social Sciences Prepatory Workshop

Lucas Buchanan Ewing, BScME

Instructor of Design and Wood Fabrication

Visiting professor Alessandra Ferzoco smiles for the camera

Alessandra Ferzoco, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Measurement Science

Select Courses: Introduction to Sensors, Instrumentation Measurement, Transport Phenomena, Thermodynamics

Scott Harris

Distinguished Visiting Engineer

Select Courses: Entrepreneurial Engineering Capstone, Spatial Computing Lab

Elizabeth Johansen

Elizabeth Johansen, B.S.

Visiting Designer

Select Courses: Affordable Design Entrepreneurship

Alexander Morrow

Alexander Morrow

Distinguished Research Scientist in Residence

Select Courses: Introduction to Computer Networks

Matt Neal

Matt Neal, M.S.

Materials Science and Chemistry Lab Director


Tom Pearson, M.A.

Sketch Model Creative-in-Reference

Riccardo Pucella

Riccardo Pucella, Ph.D.


Select Courses: Foundations of Computer Science

Mihir K. Ravel

Mihir Ravel

Distinguished Research Scientist

Visiting Designer Kofi Taha wears a charcoal suit and smiles for the camera.

Kofi Taha

Visiting Designer

Select Courses: Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

Linda Vanasupa

Linda Vanasupa, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Materials Engineering

Select Courses: Materials Engineering, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Sustainable Design in Engineering

Bryant W. York, Ph.D.

Distinguished Visiting Professor in Computer Science

Professor Lee Zamir

Lee Zamir, M.Eng. & B.S. EECS

Adjunct Professor

Select Courses: Iterate Spring 2020