Paulina Achurra, Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering, Olin College

Paulina A. Achurra, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Engineering

Select Courses: Sustainable Design, User-Oriented Collaborative Design, Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

Bruce Andruskiewicz

Bruce Andruskiewicz

Master Instructor and Machine Shop Coordinator

Select Courses: Fundamentals of Machine Shop Operations

Sadie Aznavoorian-Cheshire

Sadie Aznavoorian-Cheshire, Ph.D.

Biology Laboratory Specialist 

Ela Ben-Ur

Ela Ben-Ur

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Design

Select Courses: User Oriented Collaborative Design, Engineering for Humanity, You-Oriented Collaborative Design co-curricular

James Bowen

James Bowen, J.D.


Select Courses: Products Markets

Aaron Boxer

Aaron Boxer

Visiting Engineer

Keith Buffinton

Keith W. Buffinton, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Engineering

Ellen Chisa

Ellen Chisa



Diane Covello, J.D.


Select Courses: Intellectual Property Protection for Innovative Designs

Tess Edmonds, Lecturer, Olin College of Engineering

Tess Edmonds, M.A.

Lecturer and Collaboratory Affiliate

Select Courses: Engineering for Humanity, Sustainable Design

Gillian Epstein

Gillian Epstein, Ph.D.

Writing Initiatives Specialist

Select Courses: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Capstone, Arts, Humanities Social Sciences Prepatory Workshop

Woodie Flowers

Woodie Flowers, Ph.D.

Distinguished Partner

Scott Harris

Distinguished Visiting Engineer

Select Courses: SCOPE Project Advisor

Keith Hopper

Keith Hopper

Visting Entrepreneur in Residence

Elizabeth Johansen

Elizabeth Johansen, B.S.

Visiting Designer

Select Courses: Affordable Design Entrepreneurship

Alexander Morrow

Alexander Morrow

Distinguished Research Scientist in Residence

Select Courses: Introduction to Computer Networks

Meghan Murray, Instructor, Olin College of Engineering

Meghan Murray, B.S.


Select Courses: Alumni Seminar on Financial Valuation

Matt Neal

Matt Neal, M.S.

Materials Science and Chemistry Lab Director

Dhaval Patel

Dhaval Patel, Ph.D.

Argosy Visiting Assistant Professor

Select Courses: Principles of Engineering

Riccardo Pucella

Riccardo Pucella, Ph.D.


Select Courses: Foundations of Computer Science

Mehul Raval

Mehul S. Raval, Ph.D.

Argosy Visiting Associate Professor

Select Courses: Quantitative Engineering Analysis

Mihir K. Ravel

Mihir Ravel

Distinguished Research Scientist

Molly Rubenstein

Molly W. Rubenstein, B.A.


Select Courses: Products Markets

Fran Z. Slutsky

Fran Slutsky, M.S.

Adjunct Professor

Select Courses: UOCD

Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computing and Technology

Select Courses: Software Design

Kofi Taha

Kofi Taha

Visiting Designer

Select Courses: Affordable Design and Entrepreneurship

Maruta Vitols

Maruta Vitols, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Media Studies

Select Courses: AHS Foundation Topic Robots, Mutants and Monsters Envisioning Science in Cinema, AHS Foundation Topic Medial Revolution Activism and Technology

Theresa Wasylenko

Theresa Wasylenko, Ph.D.


Select Courses: Principles of Modern Biology