A secret weapon to unlocking innovation in the health care system is one of the least tapped but most obvious – patients. As one example of successful co-design in  health care, a veteran GE equipment designer developed a new industry standard for MRI suites when he  happened to observe a child undergoing the procedure. He felt such empathy for the stress of situation that he set about redesigning MRI suites to look more like playful adventure rides, calming children and reducing the need for sedation. Co-designing is a powerful tool that often happens by chance and not by intention in health care.

To learn how to co-design better experiences for all involved in consuming and delivering health care, Olin College is convening  a one-day Innovation Lab called “Co-Design for Better Health” on Thursday, March 2, 2017 at athenahealth in Watertown, MA. Olin College, and its sponsors – athenahealth, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Children’s Hospital Innovation Program and MadPow – are seeking a diverse group of participants to attend this highly interactive learning opportunity. Physicians, nurses, support staff, patients, patient families, insurers, medical start-ups, government health officials and advocates are encouraged to register, click here.  

For more information, contact michelle.davis@olin.edu or call Michelle at 781-292-2251.