Transformative Options

An immersion in Olin’s culture goes well beyond what a brief visit can offer. 

Innovative Personnel Exchanges

Fellowships and sabbatical visits to Olin provide an opportunity for others to collaborate, learn, co-teach and share with us.  We welcome inquiries and applications from individuals interested in spending semesters at Olin and becoming a part of our community. Because of our extremely small size, these opportunities are necessarily limited and subject to our specific needs and capacity at any given time.  In addition to the programs below, we have periodic visitors through collegial collaboration, sponsored post-docs or residencies, and major partnerships.  Contact us for more information.

Vest Scholars Program

Currently for UK graduate students and post-docs only.  

Olin seeks a like-minded post-graduate (including post-doctoral) partner through the Vest Scholars program, to engage with us as a learner and co-teacher and to become a part of our community. The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about exploring new pedagogical and curricular approaches, embracing educational reform and innovation, and committed to translating best practices to their eventual learning environment. We anticipate that they would explore research topics such as project-based learning, intrinsic motivation and autonomy, or self-efficacy, would create and co-teach in new pedagogic models, and would work with the Collaboratory to engage educators outside of Olin.

Olin is an undergraduate-focused institution; a Vest Scholar at Olin will have the opportunity for substantial professional development and engagement, but not for credit-bearing academic work. The Vest Scholar at Olin would both develop their own approaches to personalized education and learn how to create interdisciplinary, contextual learning experiences for students to help give them the tools to tackle the multidimensional Grand Challenges, and would emerge with a strengthened portfolio in both research and in education.  For more information, visit the Vest Scholars web page.