Our Approach

At the center of the Olin Collaboratory is an inspired and entrepreneurial faculty, student body and leadership in a culture making a difference in the world. In the next 10 years, we aspire to build a movement among like-minded institutions to globally transform the education of undergraduate engineers.

Education is highly dependent on the context in which it is delivered. We’ve worked with a wide spectrum of partners, from large public universities to small private colleges. We’ve helped local high schools introduce robotics and advised entire countries seeking to start engineering colleges from scratch. We’ve hosted high-level academic leadership seeking to overhaul curriculum as well as frontline educators seeking to enliven a class. In all cases, Olin faculty listen first to understand the unique characteristics of an organization and then work to enable and equip other institutions to engage in innovative educational design. 

Olin’s enterprising faculty greatly benefit from this co-design process, as we collect best practices from other educators and incorporate them into our own thinking and methods of teaching.