Program Options

Summer Institute

During our annual Summer Institute, visitors engage with Olin faculty and one another to explore topics like Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences.  Our Summer Institute offers a range of extended immersions into Olin's approach to co-design, providing an inviting on-ramp to extended collaboration.  The 2018 Summer Institute will be held June 4-8, 2018.


Workshops and Consultations

The Collaboratory runs a variety of targeted programs and provides consultation services for institutions facing particular challenges.  These can be held on your campus or ours.  Examples include:

  • Catalyzing and Sustaining Curricular Changes
  • Gender and Engineering:
    Unpacking the Student Experience
  • Design Thinking
  • Course Design for Intrinsic Motivation
  • Engineering Innovation:
    An Interdisciplinary Immersion

Catalyzing Faculty Transformation Throughout New England

For New England colleges and universities, we are able to offer a collaboration sponsored by The Davis Educational Foundation.  Catalyzing Faculty Transformation Throughout New England will provide up to 75% tuition scholarships to Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences for teams of up to five faculty from two schools in the six-state New England region to attend the Collaboratory Summer Institute in 2018, and may be preceded by an introductory workshop at your institution.  Participating teams need not necessarily represent only engineering programs; all educational disciplines and types of schools (liberal arts, community colleges, etc.) interested in innovative curricular change will be considered.