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Fall Workshop -Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Goal-Driven Approach to Interdisciplinary Course and Curriculum Design

This one-day workshop at Olin College provides educators with frameworks, tools, and examples to aid the development of interdisciplinary curricula and courses. We will draw on specific examples from the Olin curriculum, and participants will work with the “GAPA” (Goals, Activities, Products, Assessments) framework as a suggested model for curricular change efforts, large and small. We will illustrate the application of this framework by examining an ambitious interdisciplinary, project-based course called “Six Microbes that Changed the World.” Participants will learn about the evolution and implementation of this course and will directly experience a course activity. We will also discuss how learning outcomes and program goals can be used as a bridge to larger questions of curricular change. Participants are encouraged to bring projects from their institutions to develop during this workshop. The day will consist of presentations by Olin faculty, lunch, and project development time during which participants can develop their own interdisciplinary course and curricula while receiving feedback and support from Olin faculty.

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Summer Institute

During our annual Summer Institute, visitors engage with Olin faculty and one another to explore topics like Designing Student-Centered Learning Experiences.  Our Summer Institute offers a range of extended immersions into Olin's approach to co-design.  

[Registration opens in December 2019; Notify me when registration is available]