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Cobham PLC – Various Locations - Posted: April 13
ME and EE Full-time Roles
This posting was sent to PGP by Olin Parent, Greg Winter. Cobham is an aerospace electronics manufacturer and they have several full time positions available. Please review the information here and then apply online.

Aspire Health- Nashville, TN – Posted: April 13
Software Developer
Aspire Health is seeking a Developer to lead development activities, projects and architecture in the development and execution of the company’s information technology strategy.  This includes participating in the continued development, execution and refinement of Aspire’s current EMR solution as well as learning, developing and implementing the company’s future technology strategy.  Responsibilities will be highly varied, and appropriate candidates will be multitalented, flexible problem solvers who are eager to tackle complex problems and tasks. This is a salaried position in a startup company requiring significant hours. More…

Third Way – Washington, DC – Posted: April 13
Policy Advisor
Third Way’s Clean Energy Program is committed to the fight against climate change, and we’re seeking a Policy Advisor to join our efforts to create a low-carbon energy future. This individual will analyze emerging trends in clean energy technologies and systems, explain these trends to an informed audience through written and digital content, and collaborate with teammates and external partners to promote smart federal clean energy policies.  Interested applicants may reach out to Olin alumna, Kimble McCraw for more information as she previously held this position. More…

Massachusetts Health Quality Partners – Watertown, MA – Posted: April 10
Project Specialist

MHQP is looking for a Project Specialist to support our Patient Experience Survey work and other projects as needed.  We have a vacancy and would like to fill it quickly, but with someone who is a good fit for the work and MHQP.  MHQP has been a great place for a people who are relatively early in their career and want to be part of team that helps them develop and get a unique view of the Massachusetts health care system. More…

Energy Solutions – Boston, MA – Posted: April 10
Energy Efficiency Associate
This posting was sent to PGP by Olin Alumnus, Hector Lefbad: “I've been at ES for over 6 years with recent efforts focused on expanding our Northeast presence. Our first Boston hire started two years ago and we’ve grown to 8 full-time staff members with 2 more joining in the summer. The appetite for energy efficiency from our clients continues to grow as we continue to provide value-add services. Energy Solutions is not a typical place for Olin graduates as it’s best suited for those who don’t consider themselves traditional engineers, but want to apply their problem-solving skills in sustainable consulting. You won’t be doing significant modeling work or optimizing a wind turbine; the day-to-day work changes constantly as does the ebb and flow of consulting. In general, we look for people who excel in three areas: project management/organization, trade ally engagement, and technical/quantitative. I’d be happy to have informal chats with anyone interested!” More…

Cognex – Natick, MA – Posted: April 10
Associate Electrical Engineer
This Associate Electrical Engineer will accept a lead role in providing electrical support for issues involving new and existing products.  The responsibilities are ultimately focused on minimizing field failures and maintaining product quality.  There will be frequent opportunities to effectively interface with design, process, test, and manufacturing engineering to solve electrical engineering product issues and production problems. More…

Cognex – Natick, MA – Posted: April 10
Associate Manufacturing Engineer
This Associate Manufacturing Engineer will accept a lead role in providing mechanical/manufacturing support for issues involving new and existing products.  The responsibilities are ultimately focused on minimizing field failures and maintaining product quality.  There will be frequent opportunities to effectively interface with design, process, test, and manufacturing engineering to solve mechanical product issues and production problems. More…

Brooke High School – Boston, MA – Posted: April 10
Founding Computer Science Teacher
This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing CS department at a school deeply committed to CS education. The AP Computer Science teacher will be responsible for preparing all 11th grade Brooke High scholars (some 70 students in 2018-2019) for the AP exams, with most taking AP CS A. Every student in the course will have already taken a full-year Java development course in grade 9, and a full-year Arduino development class in grade 10. More…

Auris Health – Bay Area, CA – Posted: April 10
Lots of jobs (ME and SW)

Two of our alumni are at Auris and theyannounced on Facebook that the company has gone public. Check out all the postings here and reach out to Olin alumna, Erica Chin if you have questions or need more information.

Pacific Gas & Electric – San Francisco, CA – Posted: April 10
Product Manager – Block Chain Expert
PG&E is seeking an experienced energy business professional to join the Grid Innovation team within the larger Grid Integration & Innovation (GII) division. GII’s mission is to design, test, and integrate innovative solutions to accelerate PG&E’s transition to the sustainable grid of the future. The Grid Innovation team is PG&E’s “Skunk works” that evaluates and demonstrates emerging technologies that PG&E will need to operate the grid of the future: the grid with one million solar customers, 500,000 electric vehicles, and 300 MW of distribution-connected batteries. More…

MarkForged – Watertown, MA – Posted: March 23
Junior Application Engineers

We are building a world-class team of Application Engineers (AE) that represent the face of Markforged. If you are mechanically inclined, enjoy a new challenge every day, engineering minded, and thrive in a customer facing environment, you will want to join our Application Engineering team. Within this role, there are two directions that a new hire can take: Content Focused or Technical Resource Focused. If you are interested in  creating compelling content (such as Webinars, Whitepapers, Application Demos, or other special projects) and  are an engineer with manufacturing know-how, design intent, and well developed speaking and writing skills then our Junior AE is the path for you. If you are more technically inclined and you want to be the first technical resource for questions from the field as well as internal sales team then the Junior AE position is also for you.   Day to day tasks include running printers, optimizing geometries for fiber pathing and successful printing, answering technical questions, and developing content for use in the field.  From this position, progression paths include standard AE roles in both the Field and Strategic teams. More…                                

inviCRO LLC - Boston MA – Posted: March 23
Image Analyst

This posting was sent to PGP by Visiting Professor, Ed Soares. Interested applicants may reach out to him with questions.
This position is responsible for simultaneously managing multiple projects and thinking critically about quantitative scientific data. The Image Analyst will work with Analysis Managers to analyze image data as well as associated non-image data in support of pre-clinical and clinical studies. More…

Allurion – Natick, MA - Posted: March 12
Assembly Technician
Allurion Technologies is a rapidly growing medical device and consumer healthcare company headquartered in Natick, MA. Founded in 2009, Allurion has developed and now manufactures and markets the Elipse™ Device, an innovative weight loss therapy for overweight and obese patients.  Allurion is seeking an experienced Manufacturing Technician to assist in the production and assembly of the Elipse medical device.  A successful candidate will have great eye hand coordination and be comfortable working in a clean, medical device manufacturing environment using assorted types of equipment and processes. More…

RightHand Robotics – Somerville, MA - Posted: March 12
Software Applications Engineer
RightHand Robotics is building a world-class team to develop the world’s most capable item-picking robots to solve the rapidly growing challenges of the supply chain and logistics industry. We are looking for a Software Applications Engineer to develop critical software systems for our robots running in warehouses across the world. You will work closely with our team of researchers and engineers to integrate state-of-the-art algorithms into our robots while preserving stability, consistent APIs, and system speed. You will own (design, implement, debug, test, and deploy) key components of our robot software, ensuring the high accuracy and extremely reliable operation that our customers require. More…

Olin College – Needham, MA - Posted, March  12
Wood Fabrication Instructor
Daniela is seeking an engineer/artist/designer/maker interested in hands-on education to be an instructor of design and wood fabrication. More info on the job here