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Program Overview and Goals

The Olin Innovation Lab (“OIL”) has been developed as a collaborative problem-solving shared space/safe ground for future-focused technical leaders. This is an opportunity to collaborate with other industry thought leaders in an exchange of ideas and information, and to collectively look ahead to our technical challenges, to the next generation of leaders, and to examine how to maximize the impact of each on the other.

Goals of each Lab are:

  • To bring together a cross-industry community with shared interests and a passion for innovation, embracing a technical discussion and leaving with concrete ideas and next steps.
  • To engage in a different way with Olin College, whose founding principle is one of continuous innovation, and with its students, alumni and professors.
  • To discuss a technical issue along with next generation workforce challenges and related issues with this varied group.
  • To follow up at later events, sharing technology updates, relating success stories, and inviting new players into the discussion.

View previous Olin Innovation Labs.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have different sponsorship levels that will bring you increased influence in the program topic, placement of executives on panels and opportunity to invite targeted colleagues or customers. Previous sponsors have reaped the rewards of high level input into timely technical and strategic issues, potential solutions, and interaction with Olin community members which may be of benefit in terms of faculty collaboration, student interns/hires, etc.

The program will afford the sponsor the chance to: 

  • Gain direct access to top level executives in companies of interest.
  • Gain direct insight into those leaders’ true needs/issues.
  • Begin to build direct and trusted relationships with the leadership of the targeted companies.
  • Form a credible basis for further interactions.
  • Detailed company and personal biography included in event brochure.
  • Notice of sponsorship included on OIL communications, including promotional material and signage. 

For more information on sponsorship opportunities click HERE