The Public Safety Department relies on the Olin community’s assistance in order to effectively perform its duties and encourages the reporting of all incidents and any suspicious activity to the proper authority.

To report an Emergency:

  • Call Public Safety at 781-239-5555 or ext. 5555.
  • Use one of the Emergency Call Boxes located across campus.


When reporting an emergency to Public Safety:

  1. Remain composed and provide your name, location and nature of the call to the Dispatcher.
  2. Speak slowly and calmly. DO NOT hang up until told to do so.
  3. Stay calm. Try to keep others calm as help arrives.

To report non-emergencies:

Emergency Contacts

  • R2 On Call: 781-953-0061
  • Facilities Manager On Call: 781-844-2174

Emergency Alert System (Olin EAS)

Click here to access a Frequently Asked Questions document on Olin's Emergency Alert System.