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ZOMG everyone!! I'm very excited. I-am-done. Let me say it again. I-am-done. Sweet!!

Alright, so let me just put this out there: Olin has amazing people, but we're always really busy, so we seldom have loads of time just to hang out. AND NOW WE DO! Expo was this morning, and that went well, but that was my last deadline. Sweet. Now I've got 5 days before graduation to do whatever I want. I was going to go to Cape Cod with some friends of mine, but decided that I'd prefer not to squeeze my packing into one day, and would rather spread my end of the semester obligations over a period of a lot of days, so that I can just unwind.

So what am I going to do? Learn C++? Read about Greek Orthodoxy? Sleep? Whatever it is, I'm very excited about it. Right now I'm trying to clean out my e-mail inbox (I get a lot of e-mails, and seldom take care of them immediately). I'll finally be able to focus on E-Board (Student Government Executive Board) stuff, after the really intense finals period. Oh, and look! I'm blogging. Wow. *Shock*

For more of my random summer-esque reflections, please keep reading.

So what am I doing this summer? I was lucky enough to get an internship up in Gloucester, MA working for Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates. It will be a software internship, which is strange because I have absolutely zero programming vocabulary. My employers know this. I think they just know that I'm an Olin student and can pick up on whatever I need to very quickly. Really, you can totally sell people on the name of this school. I got this internship from our February Job and Internship fairs, actually. It was sweet.

So yea, I'm living at Olin this summer (that means a 50 miles each way commute, oh boy), which is alright. I'm kind of excited. It won't be the same without everyone else here, but I'll have a few friends. It's going to totally chill. Oh, and the project I'm doing with Varian is so amazing. They need to take the equipment they produce and make a software analog. I will be assisting in taking each of the various parts of the machine, programming in their properties (mmm...object orientation), and making all these parts work together. I'm super excited. So I had to buy a car in order to make the commute every day. My dad helped me out a lot, and now I own a jeep down in Dallas that I'll be driving up. I'm fairly excited about the whole thing.

Hmmm...am I missing anything? Oh right, I'm also super excited about the class of 2011. I can't wait until the summer chats start up. If I remember correctly, this is when Senioritis was made far worse by my Olin-obsessiveness. So I expect a lot of pre-frosh to be reading this right now. Hi guys and girls!!

I guess I'll end with some super sweet pictures of my car. Still need to blog about the party. Sorry.

Jeep 1

Sweet sweet jeep-age. That'll get me from here to there. =)


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