Thank goodness for the sun

A few weeks back, we had a competition through Greening Olin (the environmental club) to see how little trash we could produce. In teams of three we carried around trash bags collecting all of our trash for a week. On Earth Day we had an actual weigh in where prizes were given out. My team ended up with a $25 gift card for Friendly's (an ice cream/food chain). We decided to save it for the right occasion.

Last week, Heena determined that it was time. We were tired, we were stressed, we'd been inside studying too much. She emailed Alex, the third teammate, and me, asking us who we ought to invite. We decided together on a group and sent out the necessary meeting requests. Walking to Needham in a group of friends turned out to be one of the best ways to get rid of the stress that had been piling up. Things are finally almost done, and I felt like I could take this time without feeling like the pile of work would collapse on me.

One of the bad things about Olin is the insane workload. By the end of the semester, your motivation has been shot, even when you know that you should be working that much harder. When I complain about it at home, people usually tell me that I knew what I was getting into, and that's true. I did know that Olin would be hard. What I also assumed correctly was that, even when I feel like I'm at my snapping point, I know that I can go to almost anyone and have them help me. The fact that Olin is small enough and close enough for that makes me feel more certain that I picked the right school for me. That and the fact that (as we noted today) the percentage of unicyclists here is absurdly high.

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