Not so serious summertime learning

Meena Vembusubramanian

Now that it's almost time to start packing bags to go back to school, I wanted to share a fun lesson from this summer. First, I'd like to stress that this lesson was inspired not by lessons from many a movie that "no one's going to marry a girl that can't even make round chappatis", nor by my mother's constant coaxing. Instead, this facebook group, titled "If all else fails in life, open a roti stand" is the source of my motivation to finally learn to make chappatis this summer.

Here are some pictures documenting my progress. Initially, some of my chappatis were a little challenged in the being round department:


Quite a few more weren't doing so hot on the cooking evenly test:

But finally, things started looking better!


By the end, I even got them to puff up on the open flame!


That's it for now! I'll report back once I'm all moved in to school (Aug 28/29 -- soon!). Also exciting is that the first SCOPE event for this year is going to be on August 31st. That's when we find out about this year's sponsors and projects.But more on all that in future entries -- for now, back to making the most of the last couple days of summer!

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