Road Trip! Baja Meets Boeing

Adventure Time!

By Kevin McClure '14

At the end of February, four members of Olin's Baja team
drove to Pennsylvania to attend "University Day" at Boeing's Philadelphia plant. Making the drive
were Arjun Aletty, Charlie Behling, (both 2014) Chris Joyce, '15 and myself.  

The trip started out as quite the rush- we planned to leave
around 11 AM on Wednesday to beat rush hour traffic in Philly. By the time we
got our poster printed, stuff collected, packed (and re-packed) the car, it was
1:30. We set out, counting on ourselves to get lost at least once and spend an
absurd amount of time eating dinner in
order to arrive in Philly after rush hour. At 7:30 we pulled into our hotel,
and after seeing what we think was a drug bust in the parking lot next door, we
decided to stay in for the night.



Charlie was very excited about the drive...VERY excited!

Early the next morning, we checked out of the hotel and went
to the Boeing plant. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the facility,
so the only pictures we have are from outside the building. (Plus one from the
official security-cleared photographer.) The event was an incredible
opportunity to talk to other engineering students and also to talk to the
professionals at Boeing. Officially we were there to present about Baja, but we
ended up talking about Olin as much, if not more, than Baja since so few people
had heard of it. We managed to generate a lot of interest, and may even get a
sponsorship from Boeing for the 2013 season.



Kevin (me), Arjun, Chris, and Charlie in front of our
poster and assorted car parts.

After the presentation we got to tour the V-22 Osprey
assembly line. To three MechE's and a RoboE, this part was AWESOME. We sadly
were not allowed to take any pictures in this building either. The V-22 is a
joint project between Boeing and Bell, so the Philly plant makes the bodies of
the V-22's and then ships them to Texas where the wing, rotors, and tail are
installed. Most of the V-22's body is made from composite panels which are made
in the building next door and then brought in for assembly. The second best
part for me was seeing one of the workers wearing a Dallas Cowboys shirt deep
in the heart of Eagles country. It reminded me that maybe there is still hope
for the sports world yet. (Go Cowboys!)

We then packed up and headed back to Olin, taking a detour
through Princeton to meet up with Charlie's mom and to eat at his favorite
sandwich shop. After filling up on large amounts of deliciously greasy
sandwiches, we took our load of 5 dozen cookies from Mrs. Behling and returned



Hoagie Haven. If you're ever
in Princeton, GO THERE. We are all converts now. 

Thanks a lot, Charlie and
thanks to Mrs. Behling for the AMAZING cookies!

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