Meet the Foundry!

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Juniors Evan Simpson, Erika Tsutsumi Juliana Nazare, Alumnus Evan Morikawa (helped kick the Foundry
into high gear a few years ago before he left to start his own company in 2010)
 and Junior Ben Kroop.

is alive and well at Olin, and it is the student-run Foundry that brings this passion for new
business to life.  This week 17 companies came to
campus for " Meet the Startups," a career fair where employers spoke with Olin
students in person and via Skype about what life is like in the startup


Great Alumni
Representation at Meet The Startups:
Oliners Working at a Startup or in their Own Businesses - Junior,  

Ben Kroop (Aerospace Robotics Inc.) Evan Morikawa
'10 (Proximate), Dean Dieker '07 (Tapjoy)
 Marco Morales '10 (BrightLoop), ) (Not pictured here - Bukky Adebayo '12 -

"We run
this fair because we want students to be exposed to startups, the same as they
are to big companies that come to campus," stated Board Member Juliana Nazare.   "I think yesterday's startup career fair went
really well -- I got a couple emails from companies saying that they had
already followed up with students, and are hoping to have Olin interns this
summer.  Such great energy when our
startups come to campus!"



Olin students mingle with the Start-ups

This career
fair is one of the many things the Foundry does.  They host local entrepreneurs who deliver
talks on technology, challenges they've faced and companies they've
started.   They participate in offsite
career events, Hackathons, conferences and "unconferences," and encourage other
students to do the same.  Learn more
about what the Foundry's been up to this year by reading their blog.  


Alumna, Bukky Adebayo '12 representing Hopper

DSCN0021.JPG connected with students at the Virtual Career Fair Booth

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