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Olin's Commitment to Financial Wellness

Olin College has teamed up with SALTSM, a new membership program, to help our students and alumni manage their money and student loans. You have access to expert student loan counselors to help answer your loan questions. These services are free to you as an Olin student.

As a member of the Olin Community, please go to today and register for your free account today.

SALT can provide you with advice and guidance on:

  • Locating your student loan information
  • Understanding your loan payment options
  • What to do if you're struggling to make payments
  • Using deferment or forbearance to postpone repayment
  • Whether loan consolidation is right for your situation

Contact a SALT Loan Counselor

When you have questions, SALT can answer them - with a real, live person. You can reach a SALT loan counselor at 877.523.9473 or

For more information about SALT, visit