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(Helping Oliners Plan for Economic Success)

College students are just beginning to learn how to become self-sufficient and navigate independence in many areas of their lives, including financial wellness.  Olin is committed to offering support for this growth.  The Office of Admission and Financial Aid aims to go beyond making Olin affordable to students.  We also strive to help them develop lifelong financial skills. Our HOPES (Helping Oliners Plan Economic Success) financial wellness program is designed to:

  • Increase students’ comfort and confidence in talking about, dealing with, and taking ownership of their finances
  • Give students tangible financial tools for the real world
  • Help students develop an accurate financial vocabulary, make informed choices, and identify areas to watch out for
  • Empower students to navigate their financial landscape when they don’t know what to do
  • Help seniors know what to expect financially after they graduate and how to plan ahead


During the 2018-19 school year, we took the following steps to launch the program:

  • Surveyed Olin students about their current financial wellness and programming they would like to see
  • Held monthly financial aid office hours
  • Hosted guest experts from Webster Bank to present to students about building and managing credit
  • Facilitated a session during OFYI (Olin First Year Introduction - our first year experience course) about financial wellness and financial resources at Olin. This included a framework, a faculty/staff/student panel designed to break down barriers around the topic of money, a resource fair, and a facilitated discussion about socio-economic diversity. 
  • Increased outreach via various media to help prospective and admitted Olin students and their families understand the process of paying for college
  • Organized educational programs throughout April in honor of Financial Literacy Month, including events geared towards helping students prepare for summer internships (how to live, eat, and have fun on an internship budget) and graduating seniors (planning for long-term financial wellness after college).


Stay tuned as we continue to build HOPES!

Questions?  Please contact us at or 781-292-2215