Title IX Coordinator: Rame Hanna



If a student discloses an incident of sexual misconduct to you, there are things you can do to help support the student.

  1. Care for the Student.  Ensure that they are safe.  Believe their story.  Provide non-judgmental support.  Use their words, not yours.  Be respectful of their decisions.
  2. Connect.  Connect the student with resources. 
  3. Contact.  Contact the Title IX Coordinator, Rame Hanna at 781-292-2322 or rame.hanna@olin.edu.  You must report the incident.

Olin College prohibits all forms of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, including but not limited to:  sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, relationship violence, voyeurism, exposure, video or audio taping of sexual activity, sexual activity resulting from emotional coercion, and domestic violence.  Please click here for more detailed definitions of these and other relevant terms.

All Olin College employees are considered “responsible employees,” which means that if a student tells you about having experienced/survived sexual violence, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, and specifies that this violence occurred while they or the perpetrator were affiliated with the college as a student or employee, federal and state education laws require that you notify the Title IX Coordinator, Rame Hanna in the Office of Student Affairs and Resources. He will then contact the victim about accommodations and support services, as well as options for judicial follow-up.

Be sure the student knows you are a responsible employee before they disclose an incident that you must report.

When necessary, interrupt students to inform them of your role.  You might say:

“I am sorry to interrupt you, but I want you to be informed about your choices regarding what you tell and to whom this information is reported.  There are a number of issues where I am required to report what you tell me to the Title IX Coordinator, Rame Hanna. I am happy to talk with you but I just want you to be aware that I will have to share some information with Rame.  If you would like to first explore options for support, accommodations, and accountability with someone who can keep your information confidential, let me provide you with the names and phone numbers of individuals you may contact who will keep the information confidential.”

Who are confidential resources?  Campus-affiliated confidential resources include Colony Care Behavioral Health, Health Services staff, and clergy. Off-campus confidential options include the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center and REACH Beyond Domestic Violence. For contact information please click here.

Encourage students to speak with someone about their experience. Assure them that if they come in to talk about the situation, the case will be kept private and shared only with essential college personnel who can help support and assist the student.

Administrators will not contact the respondent (perpetrator) or otherwise escalate the situation without first consulting with the student.

If you have any questions about how to handle a disclosure, please contact Rame Hanna.  To submit an online report please access the main Sexual Misconduct and Title IX webpage.