Title IX Coordinator: Rame Hanna


Bystander intervention has been shown to be an excellent strategy for helping to reduce sexual misconduct behavior.  All members of the Olin community can serve as active bystanders. Who is a bystander?  Anyone who witnesses a situation that could be potentially harmful and/or who witnesses the conditions that perpetuate violence.  Bystanders are not directly involved but have the choice to intervene, speak up, and/or act on a situation.  Bystanders need not risk their own safety in order to get involved.  Please consult the excellent resources below for more information about bystander strategies, effects, and programs.  If you would like to get actively involved in bystander education, please contact a Peer Advocate for Sexual Respect or Dean of Student Affairs and Interim Title IX Coordinator Rea-Anne Butera.

Active Bystander Strategies – mit.edu

Bystander-Focused Prevention of Sexual Violence – NotAlone.gov

Bystander Intervention – MenCanStopRape.org

Engaging Bystanders to Prevent Sexual Violence Information Packet by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center