For Olin Students

Cross-Registration at Babson, Brandeis and Wellesley

Olin has cross-registration agreements with Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College. These agreements increase the academic offerings available to Olin students in the natural and mathematical sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences and business.

Grand Challenge Scholars Program 

Students in the Grand Challenge Scholars Program use the Grand Challenges set forth by the National Academic of Engineering to drive and motivate their academic and personal development. This program is open to all Olin students and includes completion of a Grand Challenge Project, as well as interdisciplinary experience, entrepreneurship, global awareness and service learning.

Study Away

One of the founding principles of Olin College was that every student should have the opportunity to have a learning experience “away” from the College. Olin has over 35 pre-approved study away institutions, and students also have the opportunity to create a self-designed away experience.

Three College Collaboration and Sustainability Certificate Program

The Babson/Olin/Wellesley Three College Collaboration is a joint effort among Babson, Olin and Wellesley Colleges. One major goal is to expand educational opportunities for students and develop interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and problem solving. A highlight of the collaboration is the Sustainability Certificate Program, where undergraduates from Olin, Babson College and Wellesley College work together to address the challenge of using earth's resources sustainably. By integrating business, engineering, and the liberal arts this program provides students with the cross disciplinary academic preparation and the cross-campus cultural collaboration experiences needed to approach environmental issues holistically.

For Wellesley, Babson and Brandeis Students

Individual Courses

Any student from Wellesley, Babson, or Brandeis is welcome to cross-register for any individual course at Olin. Naturally some courses have pre-requisites; discussion with the instructor will be helpful in determining whether you are prepared for a given course. Courses that might be of particular interest to students with non-engineering backgrounds are listed here; a full listing of courses is available in the Olin College Course Catalog.

Engineering Certificate Program

Olin College offers a Certificate in Engineering Studies for students at Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College. For those students who want to explore the world of engineering, the Certificate provides a structured course of study in engineering that allows students to gain more exposure, more education, and more experience in the art and science of engineering.

Wellesley 4+1 Program

The 4+1 Program offers Wellesley students the opportunity, after completing a BA in a liberal arts field at Wellesley, to earn a BS in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin through approximately one additional year of study. The 4+1 Program provides one possible route for Certificate Program students to deepen their engineering education.

For more information on the admission process for the 4+1 Program, click here. For more information on the 4+1 Program graduation requirements, see the Olin College Catalog.