Title IX Coordinator: Rame Hanna


Peer Advocates Program

Peer Advocates (PA’s) are a group of students at Olin who seek to provide resources around healthy relationships, sexual decision making, and consent while also serving as a private peer support for victims of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and/or any other unwanted or concerning behavior of a sexual nature. Peer advocates receive training to handle disclosures of sexual misconduct including, but not limited to, harassment, assault, and abuse. The PA's work closely with the Title IX Coordinator, Rame Hanna to receive training on trauma informed practices in providing emotional support for students, educating their peers about Olin's Sexual Misconduct resources, offering information about medical treatment and SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examination) kits, and supporting students through reporting and other disclosures.

Please use the links to the right to find more information about the current advocates, Title IX resources, and how to get involved. 

This program was founded by Kate Maschan (class of 2015) in the fall of 2014 as part of her AHS Capstone project.