The Olin College CARE Team

The Olin College CARE (Concern, Assessment, Response, Evaluation) Team provides coordinated support for students in distress and addresses concerns about student behavior, academic progress, and personal issues, including mental health concerns. The CARE Team gathers information from personal contact with students, faculty, staff and family members, as well as from reports submitted by members of the community. The CARE Team meets regularly to discuss pertinent student issues.

The CARE Team is committed to the following:

  • Identifying students of concern who need extra support
  • Assessing the most appropriate way to intervene and support a student
  • Addressing student behaviors that impact our community
  • Intervening so a student may achieve academic and personal success
  • Balancing the needs of an individual student with the needs of the community

When to be concerned

Community members are encouraged to report concerns about students who may pose a danger to themselves or others, who may be in distress, or whose behavior is disruptive to others in the community. You may use the online referral form to share information with the CARE Team. (link to referral form)

Please note: If you believe a student may pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, call Campus Police immediately at 781-239-5555.

Reasons to refer a student to the CARE Team include:

  • The student reaches out for help with a personal or academic issue that you cannot/should not address on your own.
  • The student is experiencing an ongoing health or personal issue, especially one that is impacting their academics/life on campus.
  • The student remains distressed following attempts by you and others to be helpful.
  • The student becomes increasingly isolated, unkempt, irritable or disconnected.
  • The student's academic or social performance deteriorates.
  • The student's behavior reflects increased hopelessness or helplessness.
  • The student shows significant and marked changes in behavior or mood.
  • The student expresses thoughts of suicide or other acts of self-harm.
  • The student makes threats or displays aggression directed toward themselves or others.
  • The student demonstrates an inability to care for oneself. 

How to refer a student to the CARE Team

To refer a student to the CARE Team, please fill out the Care Team Referral Form located below. 

CARE Team members

Members of the CARE Team include:

The Associate Dean of Student Affairs

The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

The Director of Wellness

The Director of Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity/Title IX Coordinator (TBD)

The CARE Team may periodically invite other staff or faculty to attend meetings as needed if their involvement is necessary to assist with a student issue.