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Gordon Prize

In 2013 Olin College's three founding academic leaders, Richard MillerDavid Kerns and Sherra Kerns, received the Bernard M. Gordon Prize, one of engineering's highest honors. The $500,000 prize is awarded by the National Academy of Engineering to recognize innovation in engineering and technological education.


Olin also appears on the following 2019 Princeton Review ranking lists:
  • #3 Professors Get High Marks       
  • #6 Students Study the Most
  • #7 Best College Dorms       
  • #9 Best Classroom Experience      
  • #9 There’s a Game? 
  • #10 LGBTQ-Friendly
  • #11 Happiest Students       
  • #15 Best Quality of Life      
  • #16 Their Students Love These Colleges  
  • #18 Lots of Race/Class Interaction

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Olin’s rich learning environment is reflected in its outstanding results on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), which gauges the effort students put into their college experience and the types of educational experiences they have. In 13 out of 20 metrics, including Reflective and Integrative Learning, Collaborative Learning and Student-Faculty Interaction, Olin scored higher than other institutions around the country. Ninety-six percent of Olin seniors report participating in two or more of NSSE’s high impact practices (experiences that produce deep learning), including capstone experiences, research experiences and internships, and service-learning, compared to 60% of seniors nationally.