Dear Olin community,

We promised to keep you all informed about the progress of the search for a new president for Olin, and today we are pleased to offer you this report.

Our search consultants at WittKieffer have received an overwhelming response to the presidential search profile, with two to three times the number of nominees than the consultants had anticipated. Nominees’ qualifications and their alignment with the stated characteristics is also very high. As a result, we have a large, strong pool of nominees from a range of backgrounds. While we wish the pool were more balanced, the ratio of male to female nominees is about 3:2, and of those who have disclosed information about their race or ethnicity, about one-third are people of color. Nominees have backgrounds at research universities and undergraduate-focused colleges, in industry and not-for-profits and public service, and represent many regions within the US and around the world.

In September, the search committee participated in an educational seminar on recognizing and mitigating implicit bias. What we learned remains top of mind. Now that October is upon us, we are moving into the busiest stage of the search, as we review every application, identify potential candidates, and begin a series of in-depth interviews. We expect this stage to continue through the fall and early winter. 

Thank you to all the members of the Olin community who have helped the committee and the community to hear what our culture is all about, including at the spring retreat and other listening sessions, via surveys and emails, and in many conversations. Each of you has meaningfully informed the presidential search process, and we frequently return to the notes from our invaluable sessions together to inform our thinking as a committee.

Please reach out via email should you have any questions. 


Beverly and Lynn