Is Design Thinking the New Liberal Arts of Education?

Featured speaker Amory Lovins, cofounder and chief scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute presents on sustainability, energy effeciency and design thinking. 

Mr. Charles Fadel, founder and chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign discusses character education for the 21st century. 

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Is Design Thinking the New Liberal Arts of Education?

Design thinking is an engaging process and methodical framework for approaching complex, multidisciplinary problems in ways that result in solutions that are successful and creative in unpredictable ways. It originated decades ago in the field of product design, but in recent years it has proven effective in a much broader context.


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As we have discussed, the Olin approach undoubtedly usually results in a transformative "aha" experience as students become aware they CAN come up with solutions and approaches, as well as the "aha" insights into how many parts of basic physics apply, etc. And by pairing the solution of "making something" with the need to consider the viability/economics of the solution, the student gains the sort of insights that lead to entreprenurial solutions and approaches. -- Source: Mr. Joe Smith